What Does Hunab Ku Stand For?

Modern Maya Daykeeper Hunbatz Men calls Hunab Ku “The Only Giver of Movement and Measure”, the Universal Consciousness and prime organizer of our Galaxy [App 4, 4]. With these and other attributes Hunab Ku cannot [App 3] stand for the “Supreme ALL”, or Absolute Deity.

In some way Hunab Ku is associated with the stars, planets and solar systems, as well as with the Milky Way as a whole. As far as from a perspective of our planet there are three “observable” levels of Spiritual Hierarchy [1] – those of the Earth, Solar System and Milky Way (Galaxy), which are also reflected in the well-defined physical systems, Hunab Ku should be referred to the Galactic level.

Cosmic consciousness which the Maya called “Hunab Ku” (“all of the Consciousness that has ever existed in this Galaxy”) is provided with such attribute as the “the Only Giver (“Sole Dispenser”) of Movement and Measure” – viz. of Time and Space (as Time is the equivalent for Motion, as Measure – for Space [3]), to whom they also attributed the mathematical structuring of the universe. Inasmuch as they also considered Hunab Ku as the ultimate Creator of the Universe (the "Mother Womb" which is constantly giving birth to new stars and it gave birth to our own Sun and Planet Earth), we can resume that Hunab Ku stands for the Demiurge of our Galaxy, or manifested (or second) Logos, or the “Divine Powers, who are the active manifestations of the One Supreme Energy. They are the framers, shapers, and ultimately the creators of all the manifested Universe, in the only sense in which the name “Creator” is intelligible; they inform and guide it; they are the intelligent Beings who adjust and control evolution”; the Builders – “are the real creators of the Universe”.

Note also that Time and Space are the forms of the One incognizable Deity [SD 2, 382]). The Puranas insist on the identity of Vishnu with Time and Space (Vishnu is all – the worlds, the stars, the seas, etc… and the Rabbinical symbol for God is MAQOM, "Space"…[SD 2, 611].

So, it is clear that due to the high level of Hierarchy of Hunab Ku this Creator should have been “a remote from everyday affairs”, figure “little in the {everyday} life of the ancient Maya” and, due to its holiness, should not be exposed, as the ineffable and unutterable NAME, in exoteric sources (“in the codices or elsewhere”).

Symbols of Hunab Ku and the Milky Way.
i) The Sun as a star and the Central Spiritual Sun that stands behind the visible Sun – are two different things [1, 3]. If for the former the symbol . is used, the latter is understood as the Logos of the Solar system which is too Divine and not cognizable for us to bear a symbol, as the ineffable and unutterableNAME.

In the strict conformity with this approach HunbatzMen hasnever actually said that the symbol “GalacticButterfly” (See Sec. 5)was Hunab Ku [App 4]; moreover, apparently with a clear understanding of the esoteric meaning of Hunab Ku, Men doesn’t state that Hunab K’u is the Milky Way; instead, with respect to the concepts of the Secret Doctrine he says: “The Maya lived integrally worshipping that which is represented by the “G”. I will reveal to you, dear reader, with all due respect for the sacred Hunab’Ku, from whom came my illumination and who enabled me to see it, the place of origin of this form. It is nothing less than our galaxy. Yes, the Milky Way!” [App 4].