Metatron: Universal Beginnings &  The Crysto-Electric Cosmos
channeled by Tyberonn
Greetings ! I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I embrace you with love, unconditional love. We encircle each and every one of you with a nurturing energy and with the field of self empowerment, for each of you are truly Masters on your path of Ascension. It is our purpose to offer you inspiration and clarity, but indeed it is once and always requisite that YOU, as a sacred and sovereign BEING, discern this and any such 'channeled' messages.
There have always been the nay-sayers on the planet, those who predict gloom and doom and warnings of fear. And these serve a purpose in duality. But it is old energy. And it is not the role of Spirit. We will never tell you to give up your free will. Our message is to tell you of your Divinity.
So many of your religions are rife with control dogma, warnings and restrictions. They program you with erroneous concepts of 'original sin', poverty vows and focus on what not to do. Their fear based controls have underpinnings of punishment for violators, creating group thought forms to cage you in. This encourages fanaticism and zealotry. It spawns self-righteousness and threats of retribution: our way or else. Its old energy, its fear. Masters, you can never return to states of lesser awareness, life is expansion.
Spirit speaks of LOVE. Spirit does not attack. Every current religion on your Earth has its truths and distortions. Discernment is the key. It is requisite of you to decide what is true and what is not, based on heart and NOT FEAR. No true sacred expression limits its truth, its beauty to one grouping.
While you are indeed accountable for your actions, that accountability is to SELF. You are a sovereign spark of the Divine. And true Spirit will never attempt to scare you.
As you near the Ascension, the polarity flows into balance, the arc of duality will lessen. But none the less the old energy throes of fear, self-righteousness and zealot dogma will be drawn into the crucible for all to see. Events are skewed to make them feel exonerated. Look around your planet and see the old energy in its fight for control. They nay-sayers are doing their job, and doing it well.
Look for LOVE, Dear Ones, look for freedom of expression within that LIGHT that is true Love that is the true illuminated path of Spirit. And in duality as Light grows brighter, you will find that light attracts bugs! But find impeccability and do not be distracted or give into fear. Life is abundant.
Do not seek to impose your will over others, and do not allow others to impose their will over you. Find sovereignty in LOVE and listen to your heart, your inner voice, and discernment is key. Love is the frequencial key of First Cause. You are here on the planet of lesson to grow, and to learn, and we honor you on that PATH.
The Cosmology of the Multiverse & The Sacred Cosmic Pulse

And so Dear Ones, we begin an assay on the Cosmic Pulse and the Cosmology of the Universe, a truly fascinating topic. Indeed a subject that has intrigued mankind since the beginnings on Earth.
Before we really begin this message, we tell you that mankind views the Universe from the tunnel-vision of his unique point in time, and that narrows humanities ability to perceive the full spectrum of the greater Universal reality.
We tell you that the great error in your current scientific studies of Universal formation Cosmology is that it omits the Divine. Divine-Thought is Prime Creator, it is First-Cause. But subsequent to this axiom, there is a scientific process to the unfurling genesis, it is Second-Cause but it is intricately laced with the sacred. When acceptance of the sacred first principle is combined with accurate science, many doors will be opened to you, and you are on the threshold of such an integral union.
Now, we have already shared with you that there are many Earths, many inner realities and dimensions within the multiplex Omniverse. That you think of as the 'Angelic Realm' interfaces with you in what is termed anti-matter. It is far more than anti-matter in the sense of reverse charged ions like those being engineered in particle accelerators, but rather the full panorama of the manifold inverse phase of matter. It is physical reality turned inside out, and each phase has myriad components and layers within and without.
We have told you that your linear-time based perception of reality truly takes place in a nonlinear strobe sequence of 'consciousness units' that are regulated between the shift of matter to anti-matter within multidimensionality. That in this process the inward shift occurs through macro and micro 'black holes' and the outward through macro and micro 'white holes'. This in-out / push-pull occurs in a cosmic flash that is the true magno-rhythm of your reality in duality. The dimension you call Time is not a one way street. It not only moves forward and backward, it moves in and out in hologramic programs of your dimensional realities in the eternal NOW of simultaneous time.
As such we tell you again that your perception of the Cosmic Universe is relative to the distinct point in time in which you observe it. You see there are many Universes in the Multiverse, and all were formed by First Cause. But we tell you this TRUTH, understanding the sacred scientific nature of one unlocks the door to the others. You are on the cusp of doing this, and there is both a sacred and scientific advantage to this. It is more important in unlocking frequencial doors into your true origin and nature than you realize.
As such the information we are about to pass to you has clues to the science behind Cosmology and its sacred applications that lead to the quantum leap in consciousness that is part and parcel of the ongoing Ascension of your planet and mankind
Cosmology of the Present Universe

With those caveats, we tell you that the so called Big Bang never took place as your Newtonian physicists believe. Indeed many scientists and researchers are seeing challenges that reveal this.
Your current main-stream theory of Universal (Second-Cause) Evolution is based, generally speaking, on the work of Newton and Einstein. Newton's concept of 'universal gravitation' provided a theoretical underpinning for the Copernican revolution, in which the Earth was no longer the center of the universe, but revolved around the Sun. Newton discerned an 'attractive' gravity based force between all physical objects, a force directly proportional to the mass of the objects and operating everywhere in the universe. But his theory evolved into the assumption that gravity permeated space, and that this space was electrically neutral.
A grouping of your forward-thinking scientist are now studying Plasma Physics and the theories they are putting together in the concept of an electrical force in the Cosmos, an 'Electrical Universe' is getting closer to the verity, but some of the pieces to the puzzle are still missing. Some of these new theorists conclude that black holes and dark matter do not exist, and that electricity is responsible for the energy that formed planets and stars. On the former it's a strike and miss, and the latter - it's a hit, an important one.
In fact black holes do indeed exist, but they are twinned with white holes and their function and true nature are not yet grasped. We tell you black holes are not the carnivorous all consuming monster you think. But it is not the black holes or any theorized 'dark matter' that coheres, gravitates and powers the Cosmos. It is rather something of a coherent cosmic electrical force, and it is geometric. It is Metatronic. It is in fact a form of refined electrical energy with induced crystalline attributes, and it is coded with the Divine. It is a function of the Crystalline-Electro Cosmic Grid.
Intradimensional Crystalline-Electrics

Your current advancements in higher resolution instruments have allowed your scientist to observe images and evidence of the omnipresent filamentation and cellular structures of cosmic- plasma. And this is a great nudge of an exciting and important new understanding. It is leading to a requisite discovery that what you term the void in space is neither truly void nor electrically neutral. It points to cosmic electricity. Neutral plasma will not organize itself into cells and filaments. The extra terrestrial Cosmos is not electrically neutral, and the seeming paradox is that it is charged within a crystalline structure.
Your advanced telescopes are now providing images that reveal strands of electrical currents feeding the core of your spiral galaxy, the Milky Way. No Newtonian gravitational theorist or their model of orbital mechanics allow for structures or circuitry of this sort. In electrical terms the filaments are the cosmic power transmission lines feeding the plasmoid at the center of the galaxy. But they are much more than that.
Your spiraled Galaxy contains a larger sphere of positive charges superimposed upon a smaller inner-sphere containing negative charges. The Galactic Centre down to your sun and the planets are electrically charged, and the great central sun itself is the focus of a great Cosmic Crysto-Electric discharge, and is the source of all radiant energy. All astronomical bodies are inherently charged objects immersed in a universe that is a crystalline-electromagnetic fabric .These dynamic charges appear locally on all cosmic bodies, arising from the plasmic separation of positive and negative ions on a galactic scale. In fact these electromagnetic forces played a crucial role in sculpting the surfaces and shaping the orbits of the bodies of your solar system. Crysto- electric discharge created the form, and is the second-cause of your Universal evolution. It was not the Big Bang as you perceive it.
We add that there are some remarkable Arcturians incarnate on your planet now. These brilliant men were once scientist-priest in the Atla-Ra of Atlantis at the time of Tyberonn the Pleadean. They are on the verge of these discoveries. For it is knowledge well known in the Atlantean era.
The Cosmic Pulse

And so we speak of the Cosmic Pulse. It is an omnipotent source and force of energy that is Intradimensional and in your current technology, immeasurable. The energy of the Cosmic Pulse occurs in two formats, one as a conduit of current, and the other as a lattice work, a living sentient grid.
The Cosmos contains within it what may be termed a Crysto-Electrical circuitry within the active plasma of the galaxies and intraspace. This circuitry feeds the core of your galaxy. This 'active' plasma is in many forms, both hot and cold, and it is coherent and conscious. This plasma is not fixed in one dimension or in only one Universe. You see this plasma operates in a spectrum, not unlike light. It fluctuates and fades in an out of both dimensional realities and into other Universes. It is in fact the glue that binds them together.
Cosmic Trigger Phase ll

This intradimensional plasma produces a braided helixed current that is crystalline. But how can a crystalline substance have polarity aspects, ionic charges? Because it is produced by the Crystalline structure of the geometric Cosmic Lattice, the Galactic Grid. It becomes coherent, through the 'pinch' of its attraction and compression. Just as certain piezoelectric crystals on your planet release electrical charge when mechanical pressure is applied, this plasma is released through something akin to what is termed the 'z-pinch' effect of compression exerted on the piezo crystalline matrix of the Cosmic Grid.
As you approach the Ascension, this crysto-electrical current is poised to play a major role in the Crystalline Frequencial Upshift of your Earth, and indeed humanity. It is part of the crystalline portion of the Cosmic Trigger. We tell you this current is being coded with an inverse spiral that is requisite not only to the planet but to the quintessential upshift to MerKiVah. It is imperative to the Metatronic Keys.
Spiraled Galaxies & The Cosmic Pulse

Dear Ones, just as your earth is a living sentience, so your Galaxies within the Multiverse each have a conscious sentience. But it is a far more advanced, an exponentially higher refined sentience .
Your Galaxy, the Milky Way is a spinning Spiraled Galaxy. That is a purposed Metatronic format. It is why your Earth, as well as the Arcturius & the Orion nebula is within this specific geometric galaxial matrix. The Cosmic Pulse within Spiraled Galaxies forms the creation pattern that you term the golden spiral. This unique form of spiral is more conducive to both physical form as well as the duality component of your earth.
The Cosmic Pulse emanates from the Galactic Cosmic Grid. The Galactic Grid in your spiraled Milky Way is the 'formatted creation server' that allows all that is within its sphere of influence to dynamically and creatively expand just as your evolving planetary grids do on your Earth.
Your 144-Crystalline Grid is energized via the spiraled Cosmic Pulse of your Galactic Grid. And on the March Equinox of 2010, the 144 Grid will be formatted to allow a greater portion of the Cosmic Pulse into the Earth through a focalized expansion in its geometric format. This will be phase ll of the Cosmic Trigger. The crystalline electricity that will be allowed to flow through will be receive into the core of the planet and an inverse spiral will be emanated outward and made available to the MerKiVic expansion of the human auric form.
Human Beings have an auric energy, in your terms, that is bio electromagnetic. This field receives energy patterns and codes constantly through induction. The higher geometry of this field is the MerKaBah, but the prior system of the MerKaBah must be up shifted to crystalline. It will do so by evolving into a magnificent format called the MerKiVah . The MerKiVah is Metatronic and will allow vastly greater attributes to the focused seeker. It will enable the Divine Human to carry the higher frequencies coming into your planet thru the 144-Crytsalline Grid via the Cosmic Pulse.
In this process it will upshift your DNA into a more complex crystalline form. You see DNA is now shifting from magnetic into crystalline.
Alton Kamadon - Crystallization of the Divinity Glands

And so we bring in the energy of Alton Kamadon who is now as the Enochian energy of the Metatronic field.
"Dear Friends, we first brought forth the crystalline visualization of the pineal, pituitary and thymus glands several years before my transition in the advanced levels of the 'Melchizedek Method'. This was to prepare for what is beginning to occur now in the Crystalline Age. We are working with the channel in the teaching of this process, and it will be available to all of you as Metatronic Keys. There is a new crystalline structure and code to activate the transformation of the three divinity glands required to move into the higher geometric MerKiVah. This action will play a role in facilitating the DNA transformation to crystal energy. We have provided this information and it will be released to you in our sequential channel. Among the 'quantum' attributes will be a much greater immunity for the body physical, and an expanded consciousness of your multidimensionality. I leave you for now, but know that all is well, and I am with you ever"
The New Firmament

In planetary terms the changes that are occurring activate the crystalline emissions that will form the crystalline aspect of the evolving planetary elliptical Firmament. This shall be shared in greater detail in a forthcoming communication.
Mechanics of the Cosmic Pulse

Now, the upshifting of the Earth involves, as we have shared, a greater allowance of the crystalline electrical current into your planet through the lens of your 144 Crystalline Grid. But the cosmic pulse that occurs in your physical universe is not new. It was as we have mentioned, well known to the Atlanteans. It was in fact utilized. The filaments of the Cosmic Electrodynamic current integrate all matter. As such the suns, stars and planets are all to an extent driven and powered by this current. Accordingly every stellar and planetary body in space carries an electrical resonate charge, including your earth. This energy is received through the magnetosphere of your earth and is drawn into the earth's crystalline core. It emits a blue-wave radiation that provides higher spectrum light to your inner earth civilizations.
Galaxial Ley System

The conduits of this charge are network throughout the Galaxy, and can be compared to the ley system of the earth, and the nervous system of the human body. Electrics, magnetics, gravity, crystallization and light are tantamount factors in the Cosmic Grid (and indeed your developing planetary grid). They are the primary tools of your planetary frequencial Ascension. They are as yet enigmas to you. They are not understood. Their combinations are the engines of the Universe and their ratios are the music of the spheres.
Your planetary grids and magnetospheres act as double layered surge protectors, but occasionally this charge overloads. There is evidence of this, unrecognized, in your solar system, and indeed on the Earth.
Each planet has a specific parameter of electrical charge it carries. When this charge is overloaded in a surge, a form of internal electricity will burst out in potent arcs that create implosion effects both on the physical planet and its intra-dimensional aspect.. This has occurred on your earth after the breakup of the initial Firmament. This is in fact what formed the Grand Canyon !
Indeed over-surge implosion of arc-lightening not only formed the Grand Canyon, but also Meteor Crater in Arizona, and the Tungstoy Crater in Siberia. Neither of the latter two have revealed iron-nickel meteorite fragments within their craters. Evidence of this is also on the moon and all of your planets. Jupiter's Fourth Moon and the Valle Marinera Canyon on Mars are other enigmatic examples of Arc Implosions. Indeed these are understood and recognized by some of your maverick scientist.
The Reverse Spin of Implosion Fields

Now, to relate this to your earth, we will tell you that the arc lightening emitted from within the earth that created the implosion scars of the Grand Canyon, Meteor Crater and Tungstoy, have created a unique energy field. All reverse spin of intradimensional light occurs here, and as such a unique balance-counter balance occurs that spins light in helical and anti-helical spins. Gemstones and minerals found within these areas have unique properties as a result that can be very balancing and beneficial in auric expansion. One of the interesting effects within these areas is the presence of a very beneficial energy resulting from a unique anti-gravitational field that occurred from the Electro-Arc implosion.
This field has periods of intra-dimensional openings that enable time-program anomalies at specific astronomical gravity phases. This benevolent energy is very unique on your planet , and allows multidimensional awareness and experiences of bi-location more easily in certain vectors within it. Aspects of your government are indeed aware of some of these anomalies within the Grand Canyon.
There are other lesser impact areas where this has occurred on the planet, and one of these is the Andara region of California, the Grimes Point area of Nevada and the mid south central section of the Ural Mountains.
Dear Ones, in closing, we tell you that the scientific processes of your Universal Cosmology in the Second -Cause is a key component of your integrating the scientific with the sacred. It will unlock doors that not only allow you to understand the profound complexities of your realities, but more easily migrate into the new energies of the Crystalline Age within the Ascension.
You live in a very special Spiraled Galaxy in a very special solar system. They are Crysto-Electric. The Earth and mankind will soon experience this beautiful transformation.
You have all specifically planned to experience this amazing graduation. Metaphysics is now beginning to attract a very special guild of highly advanced souls into its midst. This is a younger generation of academics and scientist, who have been scientist-priest. They will become known in the next decade..Indeed it is time to embrace the full circle of 'sacred and science'. Wondrous times await you.
Enjoy them Dear Ones, choose to live free, choose to release worry and fear, and create your well-being. Respect and Nurture one another, and embrace LOVE. It is the science and frequency of God.
I am Metatron and I share with you these TRUTHS.
And so it is.
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