I am she that is known as Mary. I have worn many veils, many names, many lives, but ultimately I am One Light and One frequency. My essence has incarnated as many, the latest being the Mother Theresa who has passed back into my body and Princess Diana who has also passed back into my body.

They have been poured back into my heart, into my womb, and into my light. There are many days when you too would like to be poured back into your beginningness. To be created in a place of more knowledge, and more self love. Earth for many of you has oft times been a place of many hardships. Always the sensories of your being examine the purpose of your existence.

Always the sensories of your understandings proclaim and exclaim that it is too much to be here. There is too much that I need to accomplish, there is too much that I feel, and there is too much that I do not want to see. You ask the Angels to veil your heart from pain and sadness, to veil your body from feeling, to veil your mind from the past, and to veil your very soul from its destiny. You have incarnated on Earth to release your fears, day by day, minute by minute, lifetime after lifetime. And that child is the way that you retrieve your soul and retrieve your higher self. Imagine your soul is in a golden gilded cage within the very center of your being. In this cage it sings its sweet song as a nightingale. Its beauty enhances and enchants you as you listen. As more and more of this sweet song is transcribed, the self-yells stop, digging its heels deep within the ground and saying whoa, 'I cannot go into this unknown territory, this veiled future'. The self-stops, dropping anchor in the emotions. Each time before you are about to make a life change, each time before you step into the unknown, the self beckons you back into the past, into the known, into the comfort of the uncomfortable. You swim easily in the past and the known. It is a small paddle pool, yet you are comfortable paddling about, splashing about in the smallness of the pool of the old self. From the small pool you can look out safely to the ocean of life and see the vastness of all possibilities, and yet continue to be in a small safe space.

Unfortunately in that small pool, you cannot learn to swim, you cannot learn to dive deep into the abyss of the promised, you cannot learn to hold your breath long enough to accept the beauty and the gift that breathing actually is. You line up your fears like toy soldiers. Toy soldiers that are inanimate, toy soldiers that once marched, but are now turned to stone, turned to plastic, turned to wood. In your heart, you want to move ahead, you want to move forward, you want to stride into the areas that seem darken, that seem forbidding, that seem ungodly. You still do not understand that all of your life experiences are of a Godly nature. Even in your confusion, in your denial, and in your fears -- there lives the very fabric of the Creator and of Creation. You are choosing to stay on this side of the fence and learn through the experiences of fear, the experiences of denial, and the experiences of less - instead of jumping the fence of your humanness and moving forward into the vastness of possibilities. I Mary come on this day to let you know that it is all right that you do such.

You spend many hours of each day beating yourself up, wasting much precious life force. You sleep deeply to escape the now. You will not be seen as 'less than' if you choose to embrace the corridors of learning through walking the hallways of past situations. The rhetoric of the past can serve you, if that is what you so desire. The repetition of past patterns, of past enactment's, of past trials and tribulations can and will become your teachers if you choose to walk in that direction. Allow yourself the comfortability of moving back into what once taught you, if that is what you need. Sometimes in going back you will finally understand the repetition, it is as a record playing over and over again. And through that knowledge you will then move into the now and the future.

So many of the children of Earth hurt themselves through the deliberation of what they 'should do', how they 'should do it', when they 'should do it', and 'if they should do it'. If you spend that much time in the' land of should' that very thought is telling you that you are not ready to move forward. You give the 'shoulds' to yourself as a buffer, as something that will keep the hard knocks and the hard falls from hitting you directly. This in itself is also very acceptable. There is nothing in your life that is not acceptable.

There is nothing in your life that is greater than or lesser than. They are just choices, experiences. Choices in the way that you act, interact, and enact. A person that chooses to spend much of their energy and time in the past, is just as Divine and wondrous as one who jumps into the future without thinking or as one that stays focused in the now and does not move in any direction. All is perfectly Divine, perfectly Holy, and perfectly Godly. You are running on the false truth that you must move forward to achieve your Divinity.

The essence of the Creator and of Creation is a continual frequency. In moving forward you will always meet your past, and in moving past, you will always meet your future. For they run hand in hand. You have many doors leading out of the house of the self. All of them are going to the same place. It is with this knowledge, that we ask you to set yourself free. To set yourself free from the limitations of what you have perceived to be truth. That in truth, there is not one truth; there is not a better truth, a bigger truth, a higher truth. All is truth. If you think it, it is true for you. That is a fact of the universal sequence of events. You can choose to act on that truth or not. Knowing this set yourself free.

You are the taskmaster that pushes the Conastoga Wagons of self forward when there are mountains in front of you. Allow yourself to rest where you are. Allow yourself to move backward and forward in your thinking, in your understandings, and in your evolution, in a comfortable format. There is always learning. There is always a lesson. There is always a teacher. With this knowledge, move in any direction of 360 degrees of the personality, of the higher self, of the soul self. You have options within options within options. You are not just contracted as a Divine spark to move forward.

Much of the Godness of Creation chooses to move backward. Why do you think that fashions return over and over again? Because the movement of backwards for many is a forward movement. It is perfectly acceptable, as are you. You see yourself as not perfected enough. You see yourself as not holy enough. The universe can see you no other way but as perfected, and holy. Humanity is the only aspect of God that does not see 100%. It is a tough sc hool, this school of earth you have come forth to. There are many expansions of self that appear as contractions of self. Each time you take a step forward, it seems as though everything goes backward. So understand, child, that in all contractions, there are expansions, and in all expansions there are contractions. It can be no other way. If you feel the need to move backward in your thinking, in your life, in your heart, in your memories - then it is a part of your Divine spark that is directing you there. The self keeps a tight rope on the events of the humanness. It is there as a guardian. When you are infused with enough learnings of the past, you will without restraint, move directly into your future. You sit in the fulcrum of viewing the past and present - and you are in the center. Both truths are yours.

Both truths love you, and both are 100% divine. Do not think by moving into your future that you will escape what you think is the darkness of the past. It is not until you embrace the divinity of what was in your life and in your self, that you can move into the divinity of the future. The future is not holier than the past. The future is not holier than the now. It is all one frequency. Imagine your life as a 13-story building. You can choose to go up and down to whatever floor you desire. It is your choice. All of the building is perfectly divine, but the way that you experience it day by day, minute by minute is a personal choice. That personal choice is not done by some obsolete unsanctioned human creator, but by the Divine spark that resides within the flesh which is also of a Divine creation. Your choices, no matter what they are, are perfectly okay with everyone but you. And that is what humanity needs to wake up to and as well as you my child. Wake up to the fact that every one of your choices are Divine.

They are wonderful, they are beautiful, and they are you. Otherwise you would not have chosen them. God would get very boring if HE/SHE were always at a point of perfection. What a dull world it would be if everyone were perfected. What a place of such commonality and boring energy. The universe expresses itself through each individual differently. There is no other like you, nor can there be. So you have come forth with an original blueprint of divinity.

And that blueprint ushers you and pushes you into excursions and learnings and expeditions and adventures of self like no other person could experience. It is that part of you that you blame for not being good enough. But understand this. You are perfectly wonderful with all of your choices. You are not going to be punished. You are not going to be set out in the hall. You are not going to have to go back a grade or two into descension. Every choice that you make moves you into another level, and frequency of the Creator.

Every energy connects you to another face of God. It can be no other way. It does not matter if you are running for President of if you are being put into jail. It does not matter if you stay at the job that you are at or move to another. They are all divine expressions of the one experience known as YOU. And you are a divine experience of the one expression known as God. And it is perfect. So let go of all that you think you should do or what you think is better or more divine. Do what makes you happy child.

Whatever you are experiencing at this moment in time is bringing you comfort and bringing you joy. And it is good. When it is no longer good for you, you will change it. If it damages your body or damages you mind or damages your emotional heart - this must be okay with you or you would change it. This thought and these understandings are recorded in all life's experiences. If you are doing it - it is acceptable. Your experiences -- until they become unacceptable -- will stay the same. And that is what changes everything. With every choice that you make - make it from a point that it will make a complete difference in your life. It will set you free of what once limited you OR it will cage you back up again. Either/or - is a choice. Every minute of every day, you make these choices.

There are 86,400 seconds in a day. Most of these are in the form of choices. Think about that. What I come to tell you is -- not only are you so loved, not only are you divine - and your divinity stretches all the way from your beginning all the way into what appears to be your end. Not only are you holding every minute of every day and every minute of every choice - but you can be no other way. Hopefully on this day I have set free the shackles of your experiences. I have helped you to acknowledge and understand who you are. Of course, you as a divine spark want to be more. Of course, the God in you pushes you on. But if you are not ready for the next step of life - it is okay. If you are not ready to jump into more of your evolution - you will evolve where you stand at, sit at, breath at, and think at this minute. There are no right and no wrong choices and do not let anyone tell you there are. I am here, call on me child, and let me help you to heal what so pains you. Let me bring joy into your day. I am Mary. I am blessed as you are blessed. Drink of me and let me drink of you. I go.