The Planets Crystal Grid System, The Return Of The Dove
Febuary 22, 2008

Upon the re-opening and reactivating of the first Crystal Portal on the Greek Island of Ithaca, in the late summer of 1997, heralded the subsequent receiving of the channelled downloading of precise information with the whereabouts of the dimensional and inter-dimensional crystalline portals that were to be re-activated on the planet. These were shut down or 'capped' for quite obvious reasons at the‘end times' of the continent of Atlantis some 14,500 years ago, owing to the continued misuse and abuse of same.

These major portal de-activations were instrumented or ‘capped' by the Titans and Co-Creators in those years gone by, as the fifth dimensional plus grid of energies that they supported were continually abused by those who chose personal aggrandisement and untoward deviation from the true pathway of light expression and progression. This ‘fifth dimensional' crystal grid system was also the very means that the beloved planet received her light-bodies or Merkabah. The capping and subsequent closing of the then crystal grid system, therefore negated the planet's 'ability to ascend' as she no longer had that just and divine facility. It was to be ‘on hold.'

The resultant methodical, geometrical and mathematical precise reactivations or ‘decapping' of the circa 15 dimensional crystal portals and the nine inter-dimensional crystal portals continued over several years with much downloaded data from our off planet team of fellow travellers headed by the one known as Zeus, or more familiarly as Metatron.

These crystalline portals when in full alignment would once again further enhance and assist the planet's light body acquisition and restricting also the use of these energy gateways from further abuse by the beings of 'lesser light.'

The much emphasised cleansing and releasing of 'lesser or negative' energies and old patterning on both a personal and global nature continues, as we are all very well aware. There are very few upon this beautiful planet who are 'immune' to these momentous changes and co-resultant ‘feelings and shifts.' They are, and will continue to be, most obvious in their continued evolutionary flow and momentum - ascension into all that is!

The planet has had for several years, namely since May 2000, her divine right and re-ability to accommodate her own mighty light-bodies and the cementing of the planetary Crystal Grid System with the Christ grid via those de-capped and reactivated crystalline portals. The continued energy ‘shifting' is now more pronounced, and is the preparing of the way for THE inevitable shift in mass-consciousness. These Christed energies, or "Return of the Dove," have become most accessible to the many aspiring souls, starseeds, and countless light-workers upon beloved Terra at this now momentous time in both hers and our ongoing evolution and ultimate ascension. We ARE the host of Christed beings that walk daily upon our beloved planet, Mother Earth.

It is apparent and an ongoing inevitability that more groups of ‘light-workers' will be so guided, in ultimate highest good, to these crystal portal areas. They will assist further with the updating and maintenance energies in accordance with the grand divine plan, for this is so and will be the way of things.

The dimensional crystalline portals were activated out of Ithaca/Moscow/Poland, 29.8.97. Auckland/Vanuata/Brisbane 4.1.98. Equador/Guinea/Haiti,9.2.98.
CanaryIsles/Rio deJaneiro/Capetown, 24.2.98.
London/ St.Johns/Canary Islands,1.3.98.
Istanbul/Tibet/ SriLanka,14.3.98.
Oslo / London/ Palermo, l6.4.98. Bordeaux/Madrid/Palermo,26.4.98.
Hawaii/ Mexico/ Brisbane, 11.5.98.
Tokyo/ Malaysia/ Solomon Islands, 1.6.98.
Further were activated in the U.S. and Canada, namely out of NewYork/ Memphis/ Bermuda, 29.8.98.
Edmonton/ Moosenee/ Chicago was in 26.9.98.
SanFransisco/ Houston/ Vancouver was 22.8.98.
Further dimensional crystal portals were activated on the 9th.and12th.July.1998 from Perth/CapeTown/Seychelles
and Perth/Uluru/ Christchurch.

Then followed a most precise and systematic opening of nine inter-dimensional crystal portals out of Stonehenge, Perth, Uluru, Christchurch, Egypt, New York, Stockholm and the Canary Islands. These were all duly completed in the year 1999 as was absolutely necessary to comply with the universal and planetary sacred geometry.

The trigger point' and grand finale of crystal portal activations was successfully and gloriously achieved in Anchorage, Alaska , during that magical 7 planet lineup, specifically between May3 - 5, 2000 when the heavens and the Earth were once more in perfect alignment for all that surely is to be!

The "Return the Dove," is the injection of pure Christ energies into beloved Lady Gaia's beautiful ascending planet, hosting the many Christed beings that walk daily upon her. Mother Earth is again resplendent with her crown of crystal portal jewels affording the Crystal Grid System it's every powerful potentiality so to be.

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