St Germain offers a Chalice and invites You To Drink The Elixir of Life

Take some slow deep breaths and become calm.
St Germain:

We invite all of our friends to this meditation; Sananda and Ashtar, Lady Master Nada and Lady Athena, Mother Sekhmet and Alcyone, Metatron, Michael, and Maitreya, Lord and Lady of Sirius, Lord and Lady of Arcturus, Dr. Lorphan, Soltec, Mon Ka and Korton, Tom the Ring Tail Cat and all our Paschat Brothers and Sisters, Melik and Maab, Merlin and all the Ascended Masters, Angelic Hosts and Galactic Family.

Please see yourself gather into a group Merkabah. We will head out to the Stars where we will visit the Planet Mercury in the 13th Dimension. As you disembark from the Merkabah, you see very very bright brilliant sunlight. The sun is intense here, it is the closet Planet to the Sun. The quality of the light is gentle and does not hurt your eyes. The atmosphere here has Gold Dust floating everywhere.

We invite you now into a great Temple. Standing outside of this Temple is a Statue of Maat. This is the Temple of Wisdom and held inside is all the Wisdom of Truth. Enter the Temple and you see a Hall. On either side of the long Hall are held portals where One may enter to revisit Events and Garner the Wisdom of the Ages. This is a kind of University of Truth. Held inside this place is every great work ever written. There are places here to sit and open holographic representations of the Great Works and remember them again.As you come to the end of the Long Hall you enter an open space where the ceiling is much higher and painted with all the constellations in the sky. This is in fact sentient and the stars on the ceiling rotate all night as they are up in the night sky.Hanging from the center of the ceiling is a very large multi faceted pendulous Emerald.
Please stand under the Emerald and there you will see me waiting for you. I, St Germain, offer a Chalice and invite you to drink the Elixir of Life. This is indeed the Gold Dust. As you drink it enters your body immediately and pulses through your blood stream. You know that Age Reversal has begun. The Elixir of Life also dissolves old programming and allows more Truth to be understood. As the Gold Dust courses through your veins it stimulates the hypothalmus, hippocampus, pituitary and finally the pineal glands in the brain. You are now gifted with Siddhis, with Higher Abilities. Now as you practice each day, you will be able to bring in more of your gifts naturally.You exit the Temple and on the Grounds outside you meet Lord Melchizedek. We will pause here for a few seconds so you may tell him your hearts desire.

This is your opportunity to speak with him and have your questions answered. Pause now and hear what he says to you. You soak up the Sun Rays here and feel great Peace on this Easter Sunday as we come into a new era of Planetary Peace.

With Great Gratitude for what we have garnered from our Journey we enter into our Group Merkabah. We know we may return anytime to the Temple of Wisdom at Mercury.

Please open your eyes when you are ready and know you have received an Ascension Activation of your Higher Gifts.

Peace and Love,
~St Germain
Beth and Mark www.GalacticRoundTable.com