St. Germain: Nothing happens by chance, and everyone has a life plan

The Earth rumbles on and loss of life is unavoidable, but as has often been said, the souls leaving Earth in this way have agreed to it. It may sound odd that one should choose such an option, but remember there is no pain in death. In fact any emotions connected with such a trauma as the recent Asia Quake are only fleeting, and once a soul is through it, there is still memory but no feeling of pain at all. They are quickly made aware of their circumstances, and since most arrive in the Summerland they are pleased to accept their transition. They do sense the loss that is felt by their family and relations, but this is offset by being in higher vibrations that bring peace and well being.

Nothing happens by chance, and everyone has a life plan that also determines the right time to leave Earth. When it is time the appropriate means of bringing it about is put into motion. It is only in special circumstances that it is changed, and it is has to be agreed with your Higher Self. I give you one example of “Walk Ins” who will change places with one who wishes to leave the physical body earlier. Rather than commit suicide, the host will accept the arrangement of allowing another soul to take over.

When you have completed your life as far as growing in enlightenment, and there is no further purpose for remaining, it is best that you leave. In the higher realms you can continue to achieve more. In reality you never stop learning, but remember that in coming to Earth you have already chosen your path and the nature of the experiences that you require. Humans always imagine that a soul passing on is full of sadness and regret, but this is not so. Yes, there may be some concern but they are soon made aware that everyone on Earth is looked after, and that their path is one of their own choosing. No one has circumstances forced upon them unless it is intended and accepted as a necessary experience.

Some ask why God could not stop the bringing about of death, and of course it could be so. However, there is no point in allowing you freewill to map out your own life plan if another should take that choice away from you. Humans live the tragedy that often surrounds death, and it affects them more than anyone that has left Earth. Yet those that left have but fleeting memories of what happened, and after a period of settling in to their new surroundings are perfectly happy. Bear in mind that the major earthquakes nearly also occur in zones where people are impoverished and living a very low standard of life. They are not unhappy at exchanging it for the peace and beauty of the higher dimensions.

If only people truly understood what life is really about, there would be a totally different approach to death. Could you rejoice at the transition of one who had finished their journey upon Earth? Would you not wish them every happiness and be joyful at the thought. Humans through lack of understanding view a transition as a tragedy for them. I do not intend to be unkind, but that is how it is with the majority of people. There is no denying that those left behind do genuinely miss the love and companionship of those that have departed. If that sadness could be turned into happiness how much better it would be. After all in normal events, everyone will experience the loss of friends and loved ones many times before they too transcend.

When you find yourself in the Light of the higher realms it is a refreshing and uplifting experience. People talk about being born again, and this is exactly like that. The release from Earth is welcome and those energies that have made life difficult are no longer there, and all is in harmony and continual light. The drudgery of making a life for yourself and eking out a living are no longer necessary. It is in the sense of taking a holiday before you return to work, which in this case concerns the continuation of your experiences in yet another incarnation.

I would add that there are many dimensions that a soul in transit may go to, and some go higher because they are drawn to a level consistent with their present vibrations. Others who are returning with very low vibrations, will go into the lower regions where there is a certain lack of light. To them it will appear normal but lacks the same depth of color, and your power of creation is also limited. Shall I say that the lowest regions are decidedly dark and to anyone else quite unpleasant to be in. This is in no way to be seen as punishment, it is simply placing you in vibrations that are in accord with the ones you take over with you. You could not in fact bear to be in the higher dimensions, as the energy would be too overpowering and extremely uncomfortable to be within.

As at all times in your journeys, you always have the option of climbing the ladder to the higher dimensions. Indeed, if you are following a spiritual path to enlightenment this will naturally take place as you increase your vibrations. At all times you are accompanied by a host of Beings who guide you and protect you within the limits laid down in your life plan. They will be there to help you through the more difficult times, and give you encouragement to press on when you are in an upward turn. Earth can seem a lonely place, but if loneliness is what you feel remember you cam always hold a conversation with your Higher Self. Your best guidance nearly always comes from this source that you know as your intuition.

I am St. Germain and tell you that life would take on a different look if only you lived the real Truth. Everyone is part of the All That Is and as such you all have the same opportunities to progress. There are none that are favored above others, that is only your perception as you look at the outer person. Of course you are surrounded by people who have different stations in life, but it is all part of the rich tapestry of life. All are allowed a degree of choice before they come into life, and it so not a question of how easy you can make it, but what will give you the experiences you need to continue your evolution.

Circumstances are now changing as a leap forward is about to take place, and many await their new role that will take them into the end-times. There are still a number of major changes due to take place, but bear in mind that it is all necessary and I repeat that nothing happens by chance. Take what comes your way with good grace and without bitterness. Rise above the negativity and create your own center in which you can find your peace and tranquility at all times. We too will come into your center and enlighten you, and talk to you of wonderful things. We share our love with you and together we will carry out great deeds for our fellow man, our spiritual partners in this great journey. Go on your way knowing great love will always accompany you all.

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey