Excerpts From Exclusive Interview With Abductee/Therapist Pioneer Dr. Leo Sprinkle by Bobbie Ammons and Steve Dean

* I think that the ET strategy includes the possibility of terrible Earth changes for 2 reasons: (1) if they can't control us and can't shape us up, well we will start over. It's been done before. And, (2) the other possibility is that we do shape up; then we can say, "Well, we changed the prophecies. We helped by becoming more aware. We eased off a terrible prediction.

* People talk about Armageddon. To me it has already happened. We are already fighting among ourselves. People talk about catastrophe. There are already catastrophes. People talk about starving. We are already starving. So, to me it has already happened. My bias may be wrong, but I believe we are slowly experienceing now what most prophets and teachers have seen.

* I am hoping, and maybe I am naive, but I am interested in some of the views like Ida Kannonberg, who says, yes, there is physical destruction (of our world). But the main thing that is being destroyed is our view of our world, and our view of our selves. And, of course, that is what our world is. Our world IS our view of the world. And when that is sdestroyed, our world is destroyed. It doesn't necessarily mean that our planet is destroyed. It doesn't necessarily mean that people get it easy and die.

* Why would benevolent, highly advanced ET's or interdimensionals allow us to get to the point to where we destroy ourselves? Parents step in...officials step in under ideal conditions. I think this galaxy is well-managed.

* I think we are they. They are we. It happens to be that we are cousins because we chose to come here, and be part of this. When I say we I mean some of us. I don't know how many...whether it is everybody on the planet, or whethe4r it is people who are perceived as light workers.

* We are all messengers, and the UFO's are messengers. But that doesn't mean that you necessarily have to invest your whole credibility in that.

* When I was on the Tom Snyder show, he looked at me and asked: "Do you think that she (the guest) was on board the craft? Do you think she did what she said she did?" I said: "I don't know. But I do know that she is sincere...that she is intelligent. I know that she tells her story consistently. And she lives her life as if this information is true. And, so I am backing her. I can't decide whether it actually happened because I wasn't there. And, also, you can't decide that it didn't happen, because you weren't there."

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