The Light Party is a wholistic, proactive, educational new political paradigm party dedicated to "Health Peace, Prosperity and Freedom For All"


As a fellow visionary .artist and wholistic physician , I am asking that you take some of your valuable time and please give your undivided attention to this extraordinary opportunity,

As you are probably aware there is a tremendous political vacuum here in America . Never before has there been such a need and an opportunity for a progressive third party to emerge here in the USA.

Today there are over 60,000,000 A-Political Cultural Creatives whose values/priorities are fully aligned with the Light Party's vision, purpose and goals. The truth is we have an unprecedented opportunity through numerous social networks, print media, the Internet and word of mouth to bring the Light Party's message into the collective consciousness of all of Humanity.

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Imagine if you will tens of millions of people or more having an in-depth understanding that we have a profound opportunity to co-create a global renaissance where "Health Peace,Prosperity and Freedom" For All" prevails... ON PROPHECY: "THE FUTURE IS HAPPENING NOW

With your support and, in conjunction, with our highly talented and creative marketing team we are quite confident that we can catalyze a Global Renaissance and BE the Party of the Future Now! I look forward to discussing how we may continue to mutually support the creation of a GREEN WORLD and serve to"Inspire Delight Heal & Enlighten" each other and all of Humanity!





The Light Party is rooted in the ancient and powerful awareness, that that the Earth(Gaia) and all of Humanity are part of a connected, living matrix.

As we move further into the 21st Century, we are evolving with increasing velocity towards an ascended, enlightened consciousness.

As we, the people, become more unified, compassionate, peace-loving and aware, our values, priorities and choices naturally transform.

This is an organic, decentralized and progressive process which is leading us inexorably toward an in-depth understanding of the vital importance of Eco-Stewardship, and a deeper understanding of holistic principles, which when fully embraced, will serve to further catalyze and accelerate the process: "Health, Peace and Freedom For All."

In light of these self-evident truths, The Light Party has created an effective strategy for uniting the aware and committed, globally-minded citizenry to further the process of "Health, Peace and Freedom For All" while simultaneously restoring a genuine participatory democracy here in America.

We are continuing to work together in support of innumerable groups and individuals throughout the world who are working on a personal and collective level to dramatically improve the quality of life here on planet Earth.

As a conscious, committed, and concerned human being, we urge you to inform your circle of friends regarding the existence of The Light Party. Together, we will continue to build this powerful momentum and the ever-expanding network of people and organizations who truly are committed to the healing and regeneration of America and our Global Family.

Together through the Power of Synergy and networking, we have an unprecedented opportunity to co-create a new reality where "Health, Peace and Freedom for All" prevails.

Welcome to the New Politics! Welcome to the Light Party.

In Service To Humanity....

Da Vid Raphael, MD Artist & Founder, THE LIGHT PARTY

Director, Director,The San Francisco Medical Research Foundation
Director, The Global Peace Foundation
Latest Book: The Healing And Regeneration Of America