Gaia Reborn

There is an intimate relationship
between Heaven and Earth...
it is a dance of love.

Let us rest our heart, plant our seeds,
and sow our moments
in gratitude and divine service.

Let us open our inner eyes.

Let our heart serve and be nurtured
in the realm of Divine Love;

let us live this now
and serve God here on Earth.

All levels of consciousness
are eternally existing
in this very moment,
and in this very place.

Heaven is here and now
just as the Earth is here and now.

We can be fully vibrant and alive in these bodies
as we walk on this Earth
and live in Divine Consciousness.

Let us ride the rising spiral currents
of sweetness and peace
and be flexible and balanced
amid the ever-changing world.

The more we are in balance,
the more we are open to receive
the blessings of life.

The clearer we are,

the sweeter the song

God will be able to play

through us.

By accepting and sharing
the fullness of life,
the beauty, love, and abundance
that God is bestowing upon us,
we are doing the greatest service to all beings.

Our societies had taught us to allow
just enough life-energy to flow in ourselves for survival
and that we would find our happiness
through seeking outside,
consuming, fitting into a mold,
and exploiting our environment.

This is all a lie.

We can evolve and develop systems
that allow us to thrive
by creating and sharing what we need,
receiving the Earth's sacred gifts,
walking with graciousness and care,
and living in simplicity.

By freeing ourselves
from all levels of conditioning and denial,
we are left innocent and fresh.

Our heart's inner longing is uncovered
and fully blossoms.

We become as a child again,
but full of the wisdom
gained along our journey.

Feeling the yearning for love
that has propelled us
along our path of Awakening,
we can also empathize with all sentient beings.

Humility and compassion
will flow from us freely
when we see a bit of ourselves
in everyone we meet.

We attain Heaven
when we serve all others.

We are all
eternally interconnected
in the cosmic web of life.

The more we realize we are free
to unfold our soul's highest destiny,
the higher we all can go,
and the easier it will be for all of us to see
the beauty of Reality.

This process is an evolutionary reality
for everyone.

Only the time we take
to accept and embrace our destiny is variable.

Some are well on their way,
some have just begun their journey,
and many may resist and hide
for a while longer.

From the larger perspective,
long periods of our time
are only moments,
so in one sense there is no rush.

Yet there is also some urgency
because ever-increasing numbers of people
are destined to awaken
until there is a unified majority of souls
who have chosen
harmony, love, and spiritual consciousness...

and then the whole planet
will make the transition.

Let us understand why we are here
and fully appreciate our opportunities.

This is one of many messages
that are coming through various sources.

If we do not pass it by
we will not be passed by.

There is no time left
for sectarianism
or dogma of any kind.

We must look to the essential truth
in all spiritual teachings.

We can exemplify and teach
the essence of all religions:
love, peace, healing,
respect, and cooperation
between all beings everywhere,
and absolute devotion
to the Source of all life.

We can share
the message of truth
that will bring people
out of darkness
and into their essential Divinity.

We can all work together

and serve in the unfolding

of a new era on Earth.

This is a call for all to hear.

This is an opportunity
to be in harmony
with God's perfect plan
by serving in the healing and Awakening
of planet Earth.

We will find our soul‚s happiness and fulfillment

in partaking of this,

as it is the reason why we took birth

on this planet

at this time.

Each of us who are here for this reason

have been anointed with this knowledge

and were merely waiting to have it awakened

through various means

when the time was right.

This book is intended

to awaken this in you.

We are part of a consciously synchronized
and orchestrated
mass Awakening.

Different waves of souls
are destined to be activated
at various times.

The Avatars, Saints, and Spiritual Teachers
came here to initiate different mass movements
in this direction.

The prophesies
from the Bible, Native American teachings,
Mayan teachings, and the Vedas
are being fulfilled now.

Many souls on planet Earth are awakening now
or are destined to awaken in the near future.

Those who are called the Star Seeds
are being activated now
to be part of the team
that will help the rest of the planet
to make its transition.

This book is intended to awaken your genetic memory,
and remind you of why you are here.

Deeper and deeper energy activations
are manifesting like waves
upon this planet.

Everyone is being affected
according to their conscious evolution and preparedness.

The first wave of Light-workers are now awake
and manifesting their part in the plan,
their unique service.

These people will facilitate
the communications and expressions
that will begin to activate the second wave.

As the momentum grows,
there will be a geometric chain reaction,
and the planet Earth as a whole
will be simultaneously activated.

Each of us is finding our place
in the ever-unfolding mandala
of planetary Awakening.

We will nourish and heal each other
as we connect with others in similar service groups.

It is a grand celebration.

Visualize yourself becoming empowered now
to follow your hearts inner joy,
for this is the way to find our place
in the divine plan.

Our life will become a miracle,
and the past will become as a dream...
a reminder of our growth.

The fullness of the moment
will completely engage our entire beings,
as all illusions, fears, and doubts
are absorbed and purified
in the ecstatic service of God.

The highest expression of our soul's joy
will be to assist our brothers and sisters
in their awakening.

This is a time of unparalleled opportunity
for all of us.

As our consciousness expands,
we will assimilate, integrate, and share more and more awareness
and higher and higher frequencies
of conscious energy.

It is a time for each of us to shine,
to share,
and to fully realize and embody
the natural creative expression
of our true selves.

For a while we may fluctuate
between remembering and forgetting
who we are and what is happening,
but very soon our transformation will be complete
and our awareness steady.

The willingness of each of us
as individuals and as groups,
to expand our hearts and minds
in empathic resonance
with each other and the planet,
enables all of us
to have a common foundation
for an interactive, mutually beneficial relationship
on many levels.

All spiritual paths coming together
for the common good,
assisting in the healing of the Earth
and a return to a God-conscious, loving world
where spirituality can thrive
in all its many expressions.

The foundation of our beings is deep...
we all share the same Source
and the same Essence.

We are an evolving mandala of souls
spiraling closer and closer to our Beloved.

We are all more similar than we are different.

This is the beginning
of a new chapter of existence,
and the end of a long process
of growth and maturation.

The course of history* is changing,
and the event that is taking place on Earth
is having a profound effect
on all life everywhere.

The plan is that this entire planet
and all of us on it
go through a rebirth,
align ourselves
and live peacefully on this Garden called Earth,
in a Golden Age of Consciousness.

The Earth's original splendor is remanifesting...

we have come a long way.

*and herstory

We have many exciting things to learn and share,
one of which is good communication skills
with ourselves, with each other,
with non-physical planes of consciousness,
and ultimately with God.

If we can evolve our ability
to express ourselves creatively
and to listen to each other carefully,
then all will go smoothly.

Each of us is fully involved in this process,
as we each have a unique and essential part to play.

We will not be able to sit back for the ride.

Our participation is crucial.

We are a living part of the divine dance...
children of the Creator
returning in Love and Devotion
to our Source.

We are pioneers,
open and willing to let our path and vision unfold
in its own unique way,
and having the courage to forge new pathways
and open new doors.

Ever-increasing numbers of Light-workers
are having natural healing energies released within them,
and new technologies of healing
are being revealed within us
and shared with us.

Now we can gradually reintegrate our entire lives
to be in harmony with our Awakening,
so that our service may unfold with ease.

The new levels of energy activation on the planet
are enabling all of us to move into the next phase
of the plan.

This is an ecstatic experience for all.

Many who fit together in resonance
are pooling their resources, creativity and expertise
and are beginning to form multidimensional cooperatives,
to manifest a particular part of The Vision.

It is like an ever-unfolding hologram...
as The Vision is awakened within each of us,
we will come together to expand our ability to serve.

These oases of Light will be open to all
and offer a vastly accelerated process
of healing and unfoldment
for those who feel called to participate.

They are activation centers
for multidimensional purification
and realignment.

The hub of all activities at each Light-center
will be a central temple room,
where each of us will meet daily
for prayer, meditation, attunement, and communion.

There will be healing rooms, workshop space,
and rooms for yoga and meditation.

Healing will be available for the physical, emotional,
mental, and spiritual bodies,
using herbs, massage, color, sound, and light,
music, dance, breath and energy work.

Highly trained people
will facilitate and serve
in these centers.

The communities that have land
can live, work, and serve together,
surrounded by organic gardens,
fields, and orchards.

These will be places of complete,
full-dimensional rejuvenation,
and people will come out profoundly transformed.

This is all part of the mass activation plan.

Our only desire is to share this opportunity
with as many as will take it.

The healing centers are vortexes
of accelerated Transformation.

Smaller „satellite centersš will manifest
anywhere and everywhere.

Communication, interaction,
and exchange of resources and information
between Light-centers and Light-workers
will be a continuously unfolding tapestry,
a fully linked network all across the planet.

As the mandala of the divine plan unfolds,
more and more souls are activated
and the vast momentum of conscious intention
creates an opening
for the vibration of Love and Light
to embrace and saturate the entire planet.

It is the macrocosm of our own flowering.

More and more people are coming to participate
and share their gifts
in service.

Everyone everywhere will know
that something phenomenal is occurring
and prepare for the shift accordingly.

It has been described
as the moment of resting
before the pendulum begins to swing the other way,
or the pause
between the in-breath and out-breath
of God.

Because the vibrations of fear and separation
will no longer exist on this planet,
those who are still out of alignment with divine will
may not be able to live here.

The Earth will be a planet for the Children of Light.

It will be the end of time as we know it
as we enter into the timeless realm of eternity,
and the end of „the worldš as we know it
as we enter into a state of pure God-consciousness.

Allow your heart to be touched now
and begin to breathe
in a new way.

Let the past fall away
like a shadow
or a dream.

Do not postpone your Awakening;
do not postpone your destiny
any longer.

You are safe, guided,
and loved so deeply
that you could not possibly imagine.

Breathe new purpose freely and gently
into your heart now,
and allow yourself to embrace your own vision
of service and wholeness
as you are reading these words.

Breathe in peace and gratitude
and let go into love...

allow the breath to flow in and out
deep into the heart...

Let this be an opening.

Come and taste the sweetness of love
that you have longed for
for so long.

Call upon your angels
and the Holy Spirit
to illuminate and reveal
your part
in the Divine Plan.

Allow your breath
to open the space of knowing
within your heart...

allow the clouds of illusion
to part...

and as a bird soars across the heavens,
so too will you unfold your wings
and fly.

We are here to shine forgiveness and love
to every heart,
and show the world
that we are all one family. Those who have come to Earth
to assist in the Transformation
are being contacted
in dreams, meditations, and telepathically.

Many of the Light-beings
on this planet
have already received
and are continuing to receive
initiations, teachings, empowerments, and guidance
on many conscious and subconscious levels.

It is happening
whether we are aware of it
or not.

This will continue more and more
as the coming time unfolds,
and soon many will be in continuous contact
with the higher realms.

We are watched and guided
by ancient, gentle, wise, and loving beings.

They see us as younger brothers and sisters.

They have been with us
as tears of sadness and frustration
have fallen from our eyes,
and they will be with us
as the incredible joy of Awakening
blossoms forth from within our hearts.

We will find ourselves
in the realm of Heaven
in the twinkling of an eye...

as the lotus of Divine Love
unfolds within our hearts,
we will see our oness
with all that is,
and revel in the ecstasy of Eternal Being.

It has been within us
and all around us always,
separated by a thin film of illusion.

Through eons of time,
age after age...
really only a moment in eternity,
a slip into a dream;

God has been waiting,
and loving us,

until the day
we would begin to stir,
until the moment
we would open our inner eyes
to see.

Everything is changing rapidly.

It is a quickening.

Our codes
for multidimensional transformation
and Awakening
are being activated.

This planet is being showered
with attention, light, love, and healing energy
from many, many beings
on many different planes
of consciousness.

What is happening
is something completely wonderful
and inconceivable.

It can be easily understood

by those who choose to understand.

The frequency of vibration of the Earth
is rising higher and higher,
and our own nervous system, genetic code, and cellular structure
is unfolding a matrix
of multidimensional transformation.

It can be called an ascension.

We are being lifted
from the third-dimensional experience
of limitation, fear, and separation,
into a full-dimensional experience
of joy, abundance, unity,
and Divine Loving Service.

Our body, mind, and consciousness
are being healed, awakened,
and realigned
at progressively higher levels
of harmony and conscious integration.

As we participate and serve in the Awakening
we will come to know
ever-increasing peace, happiness,
gratitude, and celebration in our lives
as we witness one of the most blessed events
that has ever taken place.
We are touchstones of transformation,
catalysts of Awakening,
of the Intergalactic Family of Light...

and we are everywhere.

From every walk of life,
from every country,
from every town and village...

we are reflections
of the infinite creative flowering
that is the divine inheritance
of all of us.

We will spread sweet healing love
and irrepressible overflowing happiness
everywhere we go,
and to everyone and everything.

We are the children
of the New Dawn,
and our mission is to come together
to find each other,
and in iridescent magical waves
of crystal color and light,

dance the dream awake.

What we have seen
in dreams and visions
is now manifesting.

The time of great blessing has arrived.

We are now co-creators
in a completely new way of living life
on this beautiful garden called Earth.

A clean new slate
that we can paint
in joyful celebration
of conscious loving existence.

As Gaia is reborn, she shall come alive
and bless her caretakers
with the fullness and variety
of her celestial splendor.

The reEmergence of the Divine Mother
is healing all beings
with Her nurturing love and healing power.

This Earth becomes a beacon
of peace, light, and freedom
shining brightly upon all creation.

Shimmering in the ecstasy
of the multidimensions of light and love,
we are overflowing
in ecstatic loving service to the Godhead...
living and dancing together
on this Paradise Earth.

The time of Awakening
has finally arrived,
and we are blessed
to be a part of it.

As we each do our part,
as we each play our note
in the song of life,
the sound of Love resounds
and Divine Grace heals us all
and binds us eternally
to the Sacred Heart of God.

As we rise together in celebration
of the beauty of this life
and share our hearts
with a world thirsty for remembering,
our voices will be heard afar
and the love we will know
is the Love we have been waiting for
throughout all time.

This is the fulfillment

of a promise

made long, long ago

and the reason for our very lives.

This is the return

of The One

we have been waiting for...

This is the "Second Coming."

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