The Awakening
of the Planet Earth


Though Emergence was written in times of meditation and attunement, many wonderful friends were invaluable in the process of making this book what it is:
Alan Dulfon for his superb editing,
Derek Sorentino for introducing me to the language of peace
and his excellent editing suggestions,
Robert Jacobsen, Owen Normand, and Matthew Bennett
for their extremely beautiful layout and design,
Mark for his Macintosh skills and general support,
Matthew Bennett, Melanie Gendron, Jule, Tai, Vishnupriya dasi, and Gabrielle Carroll
for sharing their beautiful artwork, Nancy Alexander for her exquisite cover art,
Jim Steelman, Steve Peppercorn, Braja Bihari, Anaistasia, Juan, Dan, Michele,
Vrindaranya dasi, Chris, Priya, Jonathon, Scott Witt, Kaila Lovestar
and many others who encouraged me along the way.

I would like to thank my father, mother, and brother
for all the love and support they have given me all these years.

Special gratitude to Swami B.V. Tripurari for his inspiration and loving guidance.

This book is 'emerging' in a broad and all-pervasive context of planetary Awakening.
Therefore, I would like to respectfully and lovingly thank
all my brothers and sisters around this planet
who are working, serving, and praying day by day
to manifest the vision for a New Earth.

I feel blessed to have all of your association.



I hope you enjoyed "Emergence" This book and its vision are a non-profit venture of love and service.

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